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OUR MISSION: Wellness belongs to all living things. Companion animals living under the stewardship of human guardians have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the health maintenance program of Pet Vibes. The result is healthier, happier animal companions.

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Hi there, I’m Bailee.  I had 4 visits to Pet Vibes, beginning in  May 2014 .

My  companion was concerned that a tick bite might  show as Lyme  in 6 weeks. Biofeedback assessments never showed Lyme bacteria.  Just to make sure I had a vet blood test following the 6 week incubation period.  No Lyme in me!  Of course, I already knew that.

(Bailee also received biofeedback & nutritional support for possible urinary infection and exposure to wood alcohol & primer being used to refinish home deck.[Chemicals showed up on assessment] Companion also added healthy home prepared foods to Bailee’s diet. )

Xena's Story

Hi, I’m Xena. I’m a founding member of the Pet Vibes Club and an Events Ambassador.

I walked the walk at the 8th Annual Canine Carnival, Jamesville Beach NY, August 10th (2014). Maybe you saw me there? It was very exhilarating and I even had my picture taken for Face Book.

I’m a 12 pound Yorkshire Terrier. Pet Vibes biofeedback has helped me with bad urinary habits, digestive Issues, barking habits, and 6 emotions. My canine, feline, equine friends, Pet Vibes is always ready to help you with its natural Wellness program.


Petvibes cat care Holy Smoke or should I say Holy Water! 70% of our Earth home is covered in water. Our pet friends mirror that, adults being composed of about 60 – 80 % water. Is your pet friend getting enough fresh water daily, and avoiding dehydration with its kidney, heart, & digestive problems?

Cats - 9 to 12 ounces of water daily—moving water is very enticing

Dogs - One ounce water per body pound weight daily– increased in hot weather

Hints: Increase moisture in the usual food diet by adding a little water or mix in some moist canned food with the kibbles. Keep toilet lid closed on that polluted water source. And daily clean pet’s water bowl, eliminating bad bacteria. Consider putting in a kitty water fountain. Create water mist for cooling off or playing in.

Have an interesting story or tip about your pet friend and water? Submit it (150 words max) to for consideration to News & Tips ---The Pet Editor

By the way. Are you drinking enough fresh water daily along with your pet friend?

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OUR GOAL: The goal of Pet Vibes Biofeedback is to identify and analyze the stressors caused by aches & pains allergies, emotions, infections, parasites, fungi...

Pet Vibes Biofeedback is based on the IMAET SYSTEM software which analyzes thousands of stressors in less than four minutes.

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