Alternative Pet Health Care

Our Mission: Wellness belongs to all living things. Companion animals living under the stewardship of human guardians have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the health maintenance program of Pet Vibes. The result is healthier, happier animal companions.

Our Goal: The goal of the Pet Vibes Biofeedback System is to reduce stressors caused by allergies, emotions, viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi, etc.

Pet Vibes Biofeedback System gently reduces and adjusts stressors in the animal's energy fields and boosts the immune system to healthier levels. The program provides nutritional/isopathic supplements for home use to further support the animal's immune system.

The Pet Vibes Biofeedback System will indentify the animal’s energy imbalances, like soreness, aches, pains, allergies, emotions, infections and many more. The system incorporates the automated Imaet software package which can analyze thousands of stressors in three minutes.

Alternative Pet Care for CatsPet Vibes Biofeedback System for DogsAlternative Pet Health Care for Horses

The information provided is complementary and alternative pet health care to veterinarian approaches. Always maintain a relationship with your veterinarian.

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