Animals have anatomy like ours. They surely feel as we do as well. (Voltaire 1694-1788)

Recent studies of dogs, chimpanzees, and other animals support the idea that animals experience fear, jealousy, grief, and love. (Animal Planet Aug. 15, 2003)

Humans and animals share 98% of the same DNA and share a similar anatomy: amygdala, limbic system with its neuro-chemical pathways, a hippocampus. All of these have to do with emotional responses.

An animal's cells (as well as those of people) retain the memory of every event - good or painful. ie. The icelandic horse who rejects any rider after he caused trauma to his guardian. The rescued wolf in depression due to the death of its mate.

Pets, unable to communicate by human language, internalize emotions and express them foremost through behavior, body language, and voice tone. Stressful experiences when internalized are released through misbehavior, digestive issues, sensitivity in a body part, an allergic reaction and eventually disease.

The IMAET Biofeedback System-petvibes is a natural alternative to find and identify emotional imbalances and re-balance them through gentle Bio-feedback.

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