Bonnie the cat

Bonnie 12 years old-Syracuse NY. Lots of scratching & hair pulling for relief. Allergy shot didn’t work. Pet Vibes biofeedback assessment and rebalancing did. Improvement in 3days; complete recovery in 7.

Sophia the horse SOPHIA 7 years old-Auburn NY. “Ansy”, nervous, stubborn, severe hives. By third assessment/treatment calm, cooperative, willing to leave stall, hives gone. Now appears in competitive Pennsylvania show.

A special mat/interface on which the animal sits permits the energy field to be evaluated by the software. This we call the BODY BIOFIELD ASSESSMENT. This identifies the animal’s energy imbalances, like soreness, aches, pains, allergies, emotions, infections and many more. The results are displayed graphically for the Biofeedback Technician by degree of imbalance. Special interfaces are available for horses and bovines.

The energetic items expressing the greatest stress can then, through biofeedback, be adjusted and balanced, boosting the animal's immune system to stronger, healthier levels. The program also provides nutritional/isopathic supplements for home use to further support the animal’s immune system.

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